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BIG Questions - Addressed

There are questions: will my train run on time; do I need an umbrella tomorrow? And there are BIG questions: What is the meaning of Life, the Universe and Everything, for example! So we invited Oxford Fellow, Dr Ken Barnes, to help us explore answers to BIG questions.

Ken is no stranger to Towersey, where his clear and engaging approach has made him widely appreciated. He is Visiting Fellow at the Oxford Centre for Christianity and Culture at Regent’s Park College, Oxford; Tutor in Theology; and Dean of the Marketplace Institute in Melbourne, Victoria, where he spends six months of the year. In 2013 he became a Fellow of the Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce. So he is well placed to deal with BIG questions!

Does God Exist?

Ken Barnes addressing a packed village hall in Towersey
In January 2014 Ken spoke to a packed village hall to address the most fundamental of BIG questions: Does God Exist?  

He encouraged us to think about what were the best reasons do believe that God does exist - and the best reasons against!  It was a very stimulating evening with plenty of scope for questions and answers and everyone went home with lots of food for thought.  

Ken brought a hand-out of a draft of his chapter on Christian Apologetics from a Reformed Perspective for those who wished to read more on the subject but we ran out of copies!  You can download a copy from here.

God or Science: Must we Choose?

In November Ken returned to address another BIG question that is at the top of many people's minds - God or Science: Must we Choose?  His answer, in brief, was no we do not need to choose! Ken explained that many of the most famous scientists (past and present) have been people with great faith in God, whose faith motivated their scientific exploration.  Indeed the notion that science and God are incompatible is a relatively recent phenomenon, initiated by the inadequate response of church leaders to the publication of Darwin's Origin of the Species and aggravated by the scale of human suffering in the First World War.

Ken's talk was followed by some very profound questions including where miracles fit it.  In Ken's view miracles confirm the existence of God rather than the reverse because they show that, exceptionally, God is able to work outside the laws of nature.  Once again everyone went home with plenty to reflect on further.

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