Urgent repairs required

Every five years we undertake a thorough survey of the church building to ensure that it remains structurally sound. The latest survey revealed some disturbing areas that need urgent attention. The current estimate for the repair work is £159,000.  To help us reach this demanding total please donate now.


There are many places around the church where walls require repair. In some cases, a stone has broken away, in other places there are cracks. There is much erosion to high-level stonework, which will require attention by a conservation architect with repairs undertaken by an experienced mason. 


Erosion of West Window
West Window erosion
Nearly all the windows require attention in one way or another. There is erosion to the stonework elements that support the glass in the windows. This is considered urgent because any further delay will increase the damage and the consequent costs of repair. There is mortar missing from some of the cill stones and cracked quarries on some of the windows.


The stone work of the tower also needs attention. The string courses have opened at the back of the tiling and water is getting trapped, causing erosion of the stone walling beneath. One buttress needs a lot of attention. There are open joints in the table stones and a broken table stone at the top.