Upgrading our facilities

The requirements placed on all buildings change over time and our requirements for St Catherine’s are no different. The church now hosts a wide range of activities. So to meet these changing needs we plan to introduce new facilities and upgrade existing ones to make the church building more accessible, welcoming and flexible. All the new developments will be sympathetically implemented with the goal of enhancing the appearance of our ancient and much-loved building. The total cost of the developments is estimated at £176,000.  To help us reach this demanding total please donate now.

Accessible toilet to be installed 

We plan to install a fully accessible toilet, incorporating baby-changing facilities, for the benefit of able and disabled visitors to the church. At present the only facility we can offer when required is use of the village hall which is obviously far from ideal – especially as the hall is now used so extensively. The estimated cost is £65,000. 

Refreshment servery to be provided 

There is no running water in the building at present. So, for all those occasions when refreshments are served, water containers have to be carried to the church for tea and coffee – and crockery has to be taken away to be cleaned properly. A servery with these facilities built-in will be a huge benefit for all involved. The estimated cost is £39,000. 

Flexible space to be created 

The pews at the back of the church are only needed at festival times, such as Christmas and Easter, or other services with large congregations, such as weddings and funerals. We plan to remove these pews to create a flexible space which can be used appropriately for a wide variety of occasions - without moving the font. New light-weight comfortable chairs will be used and stored out of sight when not needed. We will also take the opportunity to redecorate the inside of the church. Altogether this could cost £30,000. 

Porch to be enhanced 

We plan to refurbish the porch to enhance the entrance to the building and improve energy efficiency. Pews from the church will be installed and adapted to provide additional storage. There will be new notice-boards and new external doors (to replace the current gates). Estimated cost £10,000. 

Clergy vestry to be restored 

The vestry on the north side of the church has become a storage area and is in a poor state of repair. As storage will be provided elsewhere we plan to restore the vestry, providing a secure area to include changing and preparation space for clergy. Estimated cost £6,000. 

Energy-efficient heating and lighting to be provided 

The current heaters are highly directional and not particularly efficient. We plan to install under-pew heaters to provide more comfortable heating for the congregation. We will take the opportunity to install more energy-efficient lighting at the same time. The current estimate is £26,000.
Above: Artist impression of the new West End of the church

Below: Outline layout of the restored vestry
Restored vestry