Saturday 16th September - Towersey Memorial Hall

Can your mouthwatering creations make you this year’s Best in Class?


  • Bring entries to the Towersey Memorial Hall between 12 Noon and 1pm 
  • Doors locked at 1pm so judging can take place. 
  • Doors open at 3pm to view entries 
  • Awards ceremony at 3.30 followed by sales of cakes.
  • Tea and cake served till 5pm


  • Vegetable-based cake
  • Fruit-based cake
  • Harvest flapjack
  • Chocolate brownies
  • Six fairy cakes
  • Handmade harvest-themed loaf
  • Plate of home-grown fruit
  • Plate of home-grown vegetables
All entries £1 each.

Under-16s - Two categories

Children and young people, which will be judged in the following age-groups:
  • Children under 12 years
  • Young people 12 - 16 years
All to make one or more of:
  • Six decorated fairy cakes 
  • Person or animal made from fruit and/or vegetable on a plate
  • Decorated hard-boiled egg
All entries 50p each.